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Users of the Free Roku app:

Unfortunately we have not received enough donations to keep us on the air.   We have been forced to remove all films and series from the "Free" app.   We now need to raise $6,000 in order to get those videos back.

You can still watch our FULL library on our subscription apps on Amazon and Roku.

If you want to watch for free, please consider donating a few dollars.   We can't do it with out YOU!

~ Management

Keep Us On-the-Air, Please Donate Today!

$238 of $6,000 raised so far!

What is a Roku?

A Roku is a small device that plugs into your TV that allows you to watch "channels" from every genre you can imagine!  For just $35 you can get a Roku and watch thousands of channels like Conspiracy Channel, Netflix and YouTube.

Do I need a Subscription?

If you watch on Roku, you can watch 100% for free with ads.   If you'd like to get rid of the ads we also offer a monthly subscription.

If you watch on Amazon Fire TV you will need to subscribe before watching content.

Why do you have different types of viewing?

It is extremely expensive for us to offer films on Conspiracy Channel and we need to pay for servers, developers and other software to keep delivering content that you won't see any where else.

We are currently working with Roku to provide advertising on our "Free Edition".  This helps pay for the enormous costs each month.

We will offer a Amazon Fire TV "Free Edition" when we can find an advertising partner.

Obviously finding advertisers who will support our content can be challenging so if you or someone you know has a business that could benefit from reaching 200,000 viewers please let us know.

Conspiracy Channel is a truly independent media outlet. We strive to publish suppressed information that gets randomly deleted from the Internet. Please donate a few dollars to keep this project going.

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