Episode 13 – Jay Dyer – Esoteric Hollywood

In this thrilling episode of the PARANOIA Podcast, Jay Dyer joins us to breakdown Esoteric Hollywood. Join us as we discuss the occult and conspiracy implications of films by Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, The Goonies, Project Mockingbird and so so much more...... It's a cornucopia of discussion on the media industrial complex

Episode 12 – Vince Ynzunza – All Things Pacific North Weird

Another groundbreaking episode of The PARANOIA Podcast finds us chatting with Vince Ynzunza about strangeness in the Pacific Northwest! We also chatted with him about his television show Pacific North Weird and discovered the secrets the truth behind his obsession with Sasquatch! Listen in and discover the truth about Pacific North Weird....

Episode 10 – Black Helicopters

Is this thrilling podcast Ron & Olav discuss Black Helicopters and their own experiences with these mysterious helicopters. Also discussed is Joe from Zero Dark Radios experience with the Black Helicopter fleet as his recent appearance on the podcast! This is a good one...better listen in!

Episode 8 – The Missing Plane of 9-11 and eCETI

As we return to the airwaves we discuss the story behind the missing plane of 9/11. Was it hijacked? Was it not? Was it real? Then we turn our attention to eCETI and talk about some of the interesting things which are occurring there as well as some strange events we both experienced there. This episode has it all 9/11, Conspiracy, UFOs, Bigfoot, fairies and everything in between! CHECK IT OUT.....

Episode 7- The Orlando Shooting

In this episode of the PARANOIA Podcast we discuss the oddness and synchronicities of the Orlando Shooting. Was this an engineered event? Was Omar Mateen mind controlled? Listen in and find out!

The PARANOIA Podcast Episode 5 – Operation Gladio

In this thrilling episode we get down and dirty into Operation Gladio - a secret NATO army which in the 1970's and 1980's carried out a reign of terror across Europe in the name of the Strategy of Tension. So listen in find out a little more about the nastiness that is Gladio and about its interconnectedneess to the Secret Space Program and depopulation....

The PARANOIA Podcast Episode 4 – Numbers Stations

The enigmatic numbers stations piercing the darkness with their bizarre transmissions. What are they? What do those messages mean? Tune into this week's PARANOIA Podcast to find out about Numbers Stations, Burst Transmitters and all kinds of Shortwave Oddness....

The Paranoia Podcast Episode 3 – Project Monarch Mind Control Mania

In this thrilling installment, we take a look into Project Monarch - Mind Control Mania. So what was it? How did it work? How did they do it... All questions we attempt to answer as we take a plunge down the rabbit hole.
This episode is a grand trip into Mind Control Mania. Be warned there are sections of this episode which might be graphic or intense and may not be suitable for listeners under 18 years old.