Research OBAMA the conspiracy of the 44th President of the United States selected to fulfil the New World Order agenda articulated by the 41st President of the USA George Bush, 2012 re-election campaign tactics, Hollywood Psy-op, civilian security force, Hip Hop culture, Omar on the Wire, Ludacris endorsement rap, H1N1 vaccine pandemic, Reptilian side of brain, NASA plans for Mars and the Moon, Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize, Conspiracy Theory: Manchurian Candidate, Bill Ayers authors Obama's first book, Hawaiian Birth certificate exposed, Connecticut SSN social security number from the year 1890, Basketball skills, United We Fall, North American Union, Bank bailouts, internet, The Obama Deception, oath of office error, medical marijuana policy, muslim brotherhood influence, radical youth, SEAL team 6 Geronimo mission in Pakistan, Osama Compound Demolished, Audacity of Hope, Emanuel Brothers, Dancing with Ellen, Words with Will & Jada, Operation Fast & Furious, Foreign Visit to Canada, Toast to the Queen, real name Barry Soetoro, secret history, Change Hope Obamanomenon, generation O, cult of personality, fearless leader, Superman of Krypton, U.S. Government debt, middle class tax increase, government pockets trillions, price of gas, Cold Fusion Now, Harvard Law Review election, economic crisis, Trilateral CIA asset, & more... Thanks to the news, documentaries, and videographers that made possible this exposé VIDEO FOR FREE MEDIA / EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH // TORONTOTRUTHSEEKERS

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