There is a reason governments, corporations, and multiple other entities of authority crave surveillance and wish to intimidate citizens. It’s precisely because the possibility of being monitored radically changes individual and collective behavior. Specifically, that possibility breeds fear and fosters collective conformity.
Our rights are supposed to be inalienable. That means they cannot be taken away under any circumstances. Not by a badge, a piece of paper, or some legislated legality made at the whim of the executive or federal branch of government.
I would hope that this is not the America we wish to settle for.
There was a time not so far back in the past where Americans could find common ground with idea that they did not trust their government.
Americans have a tendency to be in denial that what they are seeing is trouble. They seem to think that things like this simmer down and go away. The tension seems to have been cultivated for years and now we know what is being planned to combat the Political Violence Contagion. The covert black ops forces in the United States have now taken preparatory measures that are virtually a confirmation that we are a nation that in their opinion needs to be under control.

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