Bill Clinton is a Rapist and Other Triggers


The Presidential Campaign Trail has led to some very dark corners! Beware, you may be triggered by some of the material presented. Sexual abuse, scandal, murder, are all on the shopping list of this cabal! What does it take to lead the world into war? Psychological programing has been in place to culminate at this very moment. You do not disgrace your elected leaders no matter how deviant they are. This is a matter of National Security. So, why did they bring Bill Clinton before us in 1998 and describe the insertion of a cigar into his secretary? Psychological warfare. You must defeat the hearts of the people before you can defeat them in war. Division is what is wanted and it has never been greater. Force a President into office and everyone loses faith in the system. Elect a Non-Natural Born Citizen and everyone loses touch with the foundation of this nation. There is a much bigger picture here than announcing Bill Clinton is a rapist; There is a global scheme to make it palatable to the rest of the world to destroy America. A mythos of Liberty leads to Perversion. A story to be told to our children’s children to explain why they must be subservient to a global dictatorship.

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