Feet to the Fire Radio: Cary-Andrew Crittenden

Rev. Cary-Andrew Crittenden

A devoted American who has made it his cause to expose unethical judges and government which prey on seniors and the mentally disabled.

In the remarkable similarities between Cary-Andrew's case, and this similar case happening in Southern California which is generating massive media exposure from L.A. Times, All Jazeera, and other news networks.


This case, like his, was also tainted by police / proprietorial
misconduct, manufactured evidence and corruption which led to public
defender filing motion to disqualify district attorney.

Additionally, there is legitimate reason to believe that this practice
described in below video is still in effect in Santa Clara County and that case: C1493022 may also include very similar Messiah Violations resembling those which occurred in Orange County.


Monumental judicial corruption scandal erupts in Santa Clara County, California which bears remarkable similarity to similar high profile case in Orange County, California leading to the public defenders of both counties filing motions to disqualify the district attorney's offices for prosecutorial misconduct and due-process violations.

See: http://www.prosecutorialaccountability.com/ca-judge-removes-das-office-in-orange-county-murder-case-because-office-will-not-comply-with-constitution/

In Santa Clara County, Cary-Andrew Crittenden was railroaded for a crime he did not commit after exposing what appeared to be several court cases deliberately mishandled by Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. Crittenden was mis- led by deputy public defender: Jeffrey Dunn who misrepresented the meaning of the statute which Crittenden was accused of violating. Mr. Crittenden pled no contest, believing that he may have inadvertantly violated an obscure law.

Crittenden was later re-arrested for publishing a news article about how he was targeted by the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office. The district attorney retaliated against Crittenden for exposing the prosecutorial misconduct that occurred in case C1493022 and filed a restraining order against Crittenden The district attorney named himself a "victim" on restraining order on the grounds that the news article that was published caused him embarrassment.

Because the district attorney is named "victim", the Santa Clara County Public defender's office has prepared motion to disqualify the District Attorney on the grounds that being named as " victim" creates a conflict of interest issue. The motion recommends the court allow the case to be heard by the California State Attorney General's office.

The motion is scheduled to be heard in Santa Clara County Hall of Justice on July 31st, 2015 in department 52 before the honorable Judge Michele McKay-McCoy. ( [email protected] )




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