Feet to the Fire: The Black Star w-guest Terral03

LIVE on Feet to the Fire Radio Jan 17th, 2016

NOTE: The HD unedited video version of this segment can be found on The Conspiracy Channel http://conspiracychannel.net/

Terral03 - The Black Star

I have had every person who ever uttered "Planet X" on Feet to the Fire. Well, except for one who refused my invite, saying, as best as I can remember, "I do not to have to constantly defend my statements all trough the show." I wondered if it is unreasonable to simply not accept stuff I am told, but ask to "see how we get there"...

Terral03 says It is not Planet X we should worry about, it is the Black Star. He will be here tonight to explain what The Black Star is and why NO to PX and YES to TBS


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Rebuttal to Terral: http://www.cosmophobia.org/terral-croft and

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