Feet to the Fire: US Treasuries Security Exponential Yields w/Negative Interest Rates

Lional Parkinson - US Treasury Securities

In past shows, Lional warned about trusting in Gold and Silver in the coming collapse. He also warned about coming negative interest rates. Tonight Lional explains why he has chosen a three part plan to ride out the coming monetary troubles using US Treasury Securities.

1)- Get as much cash as you can out of your bank. You WILL be limited on how much you can take out.
2)- Transfer remaining to an Individual Account in the US Treasury Direct
3)- If you want to invest with more risk/return, try ZROZ and PIMCO which bet against interest rates rising.

Lional will explain the how's and why's of these counter intuitive investment strategies, as, we are in counter intuitive times! See these two PDFs for information used in tonight's show.



A previous YouTube Video done previously with information that is groundwork for this video.


Lional has no stake in the game. No book, fund or newsletter to buy. Just sharing his personal insights with the F2F listeners. He has appeared several times on F2F for another project. You can find it here: http://holyvirus.com/

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