Gold is NOT SAFE?- Feet to the Fire for Oct 21st 2012 with Guest: Lional Parkinson

Slightly edited for YouTube from the Oct 21st Feet to the Fire Radio Show:

First, James will open the show with comments on:

"Dreams of My Real Father" Video

GMOs and California's Pro 37

Main Guest: Lional Parkinson - Gold and Silver is NOT Safe

Why Gold is NOT a Safe Haven in the coming Bank Crash and what IS!

Lional, who sold his house years ago to buy gold, explains why we need to sell it NOW as the price is as artificially propped up as the Stock Market is with Digital (not real) Dollars. It might go a bit higher, but it might crash faster then you can sell it IF you can sell it, IF you find buyers, as it slides back down to a "real dollar" price.

Yes, I know this flies in the buy gold craze that covers the internet. Selling Gold literally is the commercial backbone of many Alternative (Internet) News & Commentary Programs. I do not think this is a conspiracy; just many are falling in the trap that previously was set for the Stock and Property Markets. This trap is propping up the prices with leveraged money, then, the leverage fails, and the prices come tumbling down. Lional will walk us through this step by step.

Lional also explains why the best thing to have during the coming crash, and it is coming hard and fast, is physical, paper US Dollars; $20,s 50's, and 100's. The bailouts have gone directly in the Black Hole of the "gambling" debts of the major banks, and does not hit the streets, thus limited the inflation. But the Black Hole is SO big, and bottomless, being projected in the quadrillions, cannot be filled by these bailouts, and will collapse. These fake bailout and over-valued commodities prices in Digital Dollars will evaporate back in the ethers from wense they came, and the "real" dollars from our savings, which have been converted into Digital Dollars, will evaporate with it. This leaves ONLY PHYSICAL US DOLLARS to meet the currency needs of the WORLD. Since the amount of actual physical money is a minuscule fraction of all US Dollars, THEIR value will rise dramatically. Correspondingly, all goods and services (and gold) prices will actually fall.

Also, the debt we have will grow as the real value of this Digital Dollar, insulated from the Black Hole by virtue of not actually existing yet (being a future dollar you have to pay into existence) will crush those owing it. The Banks, scrambling to find assets in the ashes of this system collapse will not forgive it, but renegotiate it in an attempt to get blood from stones.

He will explain how the Elites of the world hare trying to insulate their billions off-shore, outside the reach of the Federal Reserve.. or so they hope. Explains the desire to take over Libya and other "rouge" non-IMF money systems.... hmmmm.

Lional has NO BOOK, or investment program to sell. He gains nothing by this talk; other then to share with his fellow man how they might be better protected during the holidays... the BANK Holidays, that is!

"The way I look at this whole problem is like this. There is approximately 1 quadrillion dollars already leveraged out here in the world. Over 50% of that money has been lost thru real estate blowup devaluations, leveraged bank derivatives betting etc. This shows up on the banks balance sheets around the world. however they do not want to reveal their losses so they are finding austerity programs on countries and direct stimulus programs to the banks as a temporary solution to solve their liquidity problem. The insolvency problem will never be solved because the fed does not want to print or even digitized enough money to buy up all those losses which is 50% of 1 quadrillion $$. there is only 65 trillion dollars running the whole world economies. $21 Trillion is parked outside in allegedly safe off shore banking accounts. Leaving a net loss of 44 trillion dollars that will transfer from the global masses over to the scandals that will scarf it up in the next major crash. This is when deflation takes its ugly toll on the world. All that other digital money $935 trillion just disappears into then air because it was never created by the fed in the first place. Iit was only allegedly bet into existence never created into existence. Sort of like if you went to Las Vegas and bet $1000 on red when you only had in your pocket $10." -Lional

UPDATE: Lional did an update on this topic on March 31st, 2013. Here is the link:

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