‘INDICTED AIRLINES’ – April 12, 2017

When David Dao was being brutalized on a recent United flight, were there any passengers willing to intervene and pull the officers off of him? They knew he wasn’t a criminal – he was just a man that was chosen to forfeit his seat to a United employee because the flight was overbooked. Sadly, the majority of Americans just follow the leader without questioning because they are cajoled into playing along. Some act like lemmings when the right emotional buttons are pushed. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about INDICTED AIRLINES.

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  1. I’m a fan , but sometimes he goes overboard. Fascist? at worst it was awful costumer service by United . They didn’t remove him, the cops did. Also he suggested doing something “getting between them” putting your hands on the cops ?

  2. Stop shouting him down, hes arguing with the caller like a child. If a person or a company asks you to leave THEIR PROPERTY you comply or you will be forcibly removed. All parties are in the wrong, the passenger acted like a child, screaming like this show host, and the airline overbooked the flight invonveniencing their customers.

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