Jim Marrs | Occulted History, Banking Corruption, & The Vast Conspiracy

This week alternative author and legendary truth seeker, Jim Marrs, joins THC to drop knowledge on a variety of conspiratorial topics including the history of banking, ISIS, Atlantis, The Anunnaki, the moon, hollow Earth, the Pyramids, and a ton more.

In the second half, we dive deeper into the history of banking and Zionism, the evidence for an ancient global civilization, UFOs & free energy, the giant skeletons hidden by the Smithsonian, and some ideas for a system that works for the people beyond the control of the global elite.

It’s a true grab bag of conspiracy goodness. Enjoy.

Check out Jim’s website and books: http://jimmarrs.com/

Check out more music from Don Paul Moore and download Mr. Morgan’s War: https://soundcloud.com/don-paul-moore

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