Kristan T. Harris Discovers Lake Mills Occult Pyramid Shrine at Commons Park

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While traveling to Aztalan State Park I discovered this occult shrine of a pyramid cap stone - like the one on the back of a dollar bill - made from red granite in between pillars usually associated with Jachin and Boaz, or the pillars of Solomons temple. The color red is symbolic for fire or in other words the Sun (Osiris, Nimrod). The shrine sits on top of a triangle base that is located in the center of a hexagon laid out in red brick. To top it off it sits on top of a pyramid mound. Located in Commons park, Lake Mills. Also home to ancient pyramids, under rock lake 2-3 miles east of Aztalan state park. Notice that red granite was used, just like at the Milwaukee Obelisk I filmed a few weeks ago.

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