“Oh Ancient One” JANCIK

"Oh. Ancient One" (1997-2000) written, performed, recorded and produced by James Arthur Jancik and used as the ending theme for Feet to the Fire Radio show http://FeetToTheFireRadio.com

With backing vocals by Ann McWilliams and David Pleiss
Authentic Native American instruments and vocals
courtesy of Q Up Arts Productions

(1)- The Ancient One, My old friend,
The One who walked before, The One who'll walk again.
The Ancient One of Old, With wisdom for the new,
Revive our inner sight, Retell Your timeless truths,
Oh Ancient One!

(2)- Oh Wankan-Tanka, Great Spirit of Living Light.
Who heals from within, Whose healing light brings life.
The One who is but Love, Who's Love is all about,
Who's Breath is in us all, Come bring within without.
Oh Ancient One!


The end beyond our means
The depth beyond the sea;
Great light shadows the sun,
Hear my words, Oh Ancient One.

Although you are "The Great",
You tarry with the small.
Full love flows in and out,
Never giving up You'll live within until within's without.

(Spoken to Native American percussion & soft chanting)

Come set our souls afire,
Oh Most Ancient of Days!

My Life - Our lives
My Hopes - Our hopes
My Dreams - Our dreams
My love - Our love

Ancient One, I hear your calling!
Ancient One, Our lives are longing!
Ancient One, Sweet Inspiration!
Ancient One, Raise my expectations!

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