Resonating With Reality: Karma, Grace, Free vs God’s Will

Another installment of Resonating with Reality with James: Karma, Grace, Submission (to God), God's Will, Free Will, Subversion (by humans and aliens. multidimensional Beings. Demons, Satan) and come up with understanding without contradictions.

Resonating with Reality, is an ongoing series with James who sees the Universe as a mechanism whose task it is to test our understandings for validity as we step closer to Knowing God. The Clockwork of The Universe is a reference by which to judge Illusion/Delusion and Truth (or at least a better path toward Truth).

Reality is not to be confused with the Material/Physical world we see via our 5 senses and as filtered by our paradigms. Seeking to Know Reality will expand our paradigm and stretch our consciousness to have a more accurate understanding of what is possible. Resonating with Reality allows us to learn and the best rate, in the best circumstance, personally sculpted for us by God who knows us best.

This series is share as what James has found in his examinations of what is real using the lack of contradiction as the formula to find what is real.

Know Thyself = Know for Yourself (What is Real)

Reach for the Skies.. Within!
James Arthur Jancik

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