No matter how you feel about Donald Trump being elected as our 45th president, the media embarrassed itself by having a psychotic meltdown over this heated election. World War III is still brewing and Trump will inherit it, not cause it. The truth seems to be so harmful to those in power, and the questions to get to the truth are as threatening as bullets or bombs. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about SHARING THE SAME STRAITJACKET.

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  1. Tell your kids that Trump won because people lied and said we were post racial..And we are NOT. That we live in a society founded on white supremacy. That people threw out smoke screens talking about gender,but they really have a racial allegiance. That Amerikkka judges its progress based on how badly Black people are deprived & mistreated. And that despite the denial,we still live n a country with 10s of millions of white supremacists.

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