Volume 1 – This is a visual compilation to accompany the infamous “John Todd” tapes from the 80’s. John Todd was a so called ex Illuminati member who in the 1970 s appeared on the scene claiming to have been saved by the lord Jesus Christ. John Todd gave speeches and made recordings preaching to people about the plan of the Illuminati to slowly destroy the American economy and then eventually control the entire world. He spoke of the 13 family’s or bloodlines at the top the Illuminati power structure. He claimed that his last name was really Collins and that Todd was the name he took as a Christian man. He said he was part of the Collins family which is one of the most powerful family’s in the Illuminati power structure hailing from Scotland. The history of this Collins family is known as one of the first family’s to settle here fleeing religious persecution. There are records that show that indeed the family spoke of had a evil past which includes being well known witches and are even from the nearby villages in Salem during the witch trials. Todd was eventually setup and sent to jail for various crimes he claimed he did not commit and was eventually sent to a insane asylum, in which shortly after he just vanished.