Both the left and right are experiencing a cluster bomb of cognitive dissonance and hallucinating about the future. We have managed to basically shoot ourselves in the foot before Donald Trump has been sworn in and given the key to the presidential toilet where the Constitution is used as toilet paper. Each candidate is a place holder and puppet of the cryptocracy, a shadow government that calls the shots for a globalist view. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about SURVIVING THE POPULATION QUAKE.

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  1. So if the constitution is suspended for Martial law does it mean that ALL of the constitution is null and void? All Laws? We could smoke pot legally because there is no laws of the land? Just saying …Martial c

  2. Even other Drumpf supporters are in an alternate Timelime if they forecast even in Drumpf’s favor. Better do that a little. So you can argue you’re neutral. False equivalence is great for that. You can even do that a little.

  3. Clinton would not have installed a Chief Strategist “Nationalist” that freely admits to being influenced by Leni Reifenstahl, Nazi Propagandist who got away with it. No she would not have picked this Propagandist to be one of her top advisors. No she would not be organizing white supremacists. Not a buzzword. He is speaking to them & for them. Listening to them & helping them. Moving the country toward their goals.

  4. So only you can forecast & warn? They’re all insane & hallucinating despite THE ACTS Drumpf has performed. The cabinet is a real act. The effects of his words, bloodying those thought to be ISIS etc, at his prompting, offering to pay their legal bills then stiffing them on that offer are ACTS. Stoking of xenophobia is a real ACT that has already happened.

  5. How does unrelated non-voting anarchists support your assumption that “the protests”, as if both vastly more of the peaceful kind & criminal kind, all put up to it, are inauthentic & engineered? Paid?

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