The BATMAN THEATER SHOOTING: It’s time to see behind the cloak

My latest video expose is not for the faint-hearted. Not that it's brimming with dirty words, but instead reveals some of the nastiest dealings by our ruling class. This expose goes far beyond the shooting in Aurora, so that the viewer can see the event for what it is more clearly.

In Chapter One - The Problem, I attempt to explain the environment that has led to the Aurora shooting and the massive wall of secrecy and authority that stands to prevent our understanding of the event or prosecution of the perpetrators.

In Chapter Two - Staged Events, I draw parallels between the theater shooting and other "Staged Events" including Joe Stack, Oklahoma Bombing, Underwear Bomber, Stephen Ivens Affair, 9/11, D.C. Sniper and Arizona Shooting. None of these event profiles should be considered authoritative or complete, but all provide a unique insight to newly awakening researchers and veteran independent researchers alike.

In Chapter Three - The Aurora Event, I walk the viewer through the fabricated account of events and focus attention on the conflicting and ill-fitting evidence.

Aurora Colorado - Aurora Shooting
Aurora Colorado - Aurora Shooting

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