Science is softening its stance on life in space, however, while confirmation of alien life is becoming a constant at this time, there is still some apprehensive containment of the information that is being doled out here in the United States as NASA wishes to have the monopoly on just what isn’t and what is truth about the cosmic imperative. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about THE BIRTH OF CONFIRMATION CONTAINMENT.

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  1. NASA even has a Red Dot Project… remember when they said it was a new PINK planet seen in Virgo? That was the true Revelation 12 sign, and it will appear suddenly in Coma Berenices when the Sun is in Virgo, but with a Solar Eclipse… this is NASA’s biggest fear… to have it emerge from behind the sun. It was a pink dot back then, and that was when it was past Pluto, but now it is closing in on the orbit of Neptune.

  2. So we can find tons of so-called exo-planets, but we still can’t find all of our own Sol-ar system bodies, and what is causing perturbations to the outer ones, and what is the reason behind solar system warming (global warming times 9), and we demote Pluto, but now we have a huge Planet 9????? Trappist-1 is setting a trap. They demoted Pluto so that this “new” Planet 9 would not be called Planet X as in Nibiru. You can see this system (Red Dragon/Nemesis our twin star) in the tail of Capricorn (sea/land beast=Revelation 13 sign), and it is red with 7 bodies orbiting around it. You will not find this “star” on any charts, but there it is with binoculars, and getting closer!!!

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