The Many Paths To Mind Control – Emily Moyer How strange is our world? How much is to be believed? Colonies on Mars, time travel, secret satanic rituals? How many paths are there to mind control? What secrets does Austin Texas hold? It seems geographically set up for the ruling sorcerers. The layout of UT campus in alignment with the Texas Capitol divine a path to Lucifer. Why did Governor Rick Perry attend a secret Prince concert after returning from Istanbul to meet with the Bildeberg Group? What has happened to our "out there" artists like, Michael Jackson, Prince, and David Bowie? Are they still alive? Have they time traveled?

Emily Moyer is co-host and producer for OffPlanet Radio & TV and brings to the table a unique blend of experience and research, as well as her skills in analysis and translation of trends and ideas in the cultures of alternative cyberspace, the arts, sports, and human development. She is currently working on developing the new media content of OffPlanet and finding new ideas, voices, and concepts for our ever evolving innerstandings.

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