The Phelan Report for Nov 22th 2015

The Phelan Report for November 15th, 2015

Each week (more or less) Janet Phelan reports live from her "exile" in Mexico on a number of expose' topics on Feet to the Fire Radio.

Janet speaks about her NEO Article:

"Israel—The Psyop"

The US has always been a strong ally to the Jews and to Israel. Or so the history books tell us. Or so the history books say. In fact, the secret history of relations between the United States and Israel has been fraught with betrayal and sabotage. It is a history of duplicity and fakery, one painted with smiles and handshakes, while the hidden hand is poised to attack. As events are now moving rapidly on the stage of the Middle East, it is entirely possible that, as Henry Kissinger has stated, Israel may soon cease to exist. Disturbingly, there appear to be highly positioned Jews throughout the course of this history who have been complicit in this sabotage....

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Also see her playlist here on Feet to the Fire Radio for more video reports.

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