The Phelan Report for Oct 11th 2015

The Phelan Report for October 11th, 2015

Each week (more or less) Janet Phelan reports live from her "exile" in Mexico on a number of expose' topics on Feet to the Fire Radio.

California’s Governor Brown Strikes Another Blow Against the Vulnerable - By Janet Phelan

The Governor of the most populous state in the United States has signed into law a bill permitting physician assisted suicide.

The End of Life Options Act, which failed four times in committee, was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown on October 5. In his signing message, Brown made a number of gaffes, revealing he did not understand the content of the bill, the legal status of suicide or even the accumulation of evidence revealing abuse in other venues which have approved assisted suicide.

The Act gives doctors the legal right to prescribe life-ending medication to those who request it, under certain ostensibly proscribed circumstances....

For the full article including Janet's analysis of the misleading statements and ominous outcome of state mandated euthanasia:

Also see her playlist here on Feet to the Fire Radio for more video reports.

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