Censorship is now threatening the free press and thanks to a highly-controlled and pervasive corporate media, you probably won’t even hear about it. Together the words “fake” and “news” create a dismissive stance against information and it is also a form of self-censorship and a policing of language that is seen in despotic states. These are trigger words being used in the secret war where censored stories will be more of the norm in 2017. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with director of Project Censored, Mickey Huff, about WARS AND RUMORS OF SECRET WARS.

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0 Replies to “‘WARS AND RUMORS OF SECRET WARS W/ MICKEY HUFF’ – January 5, 2017”

  1. If you say minorities have nothing to fear during this Administration you’re either blinded by being white & privileged not to have to fear the sane things, or you’re LYING.

  2. Michael Flynn our incoming National Security Advisor says it’s “rational” to fear Muslims. But that pogrom is okay, right? Because poor Drumpf & his picks need to be given more of a chance, right?

  3. Any assassination talk bothers me, especially if you’re dog-whistling about that adjacent to but not directly saying the left wants him taken out. Reichstag Fire talk, man. At least it plants those suspicious associations. Dangerous shit.

  4. No he was only chomping at the bit to install John Bolton until crowd surfing push back MADE his fragile ego plausibly deny he was pushed out of putting him in, claiming it was on account of his “moustache”, so he could dog-whistle with the move to Alt-Nazis. As if to say ‘don’t worry, he’s against those Jew-controlled’ establishment Imperialists’, as if they aren’t American Imperialists using Israel as a scapegoat & proving ground for American military contractors.

  5. Sessions ‘joked’ “I thought the KKK was okay until I found out they smoke pot”, & called a white Civil Rights Attorney a ‘traitor to his race’. Called black US Attorney Michael Figures “boy” & told him “be careful about what you say around white folks”. I wonder what Uncle Doug thinks about him? Better to crack down on cannabis use right? Federally? Because small government? Oh but it’s worth it if you can mass-incarcerate minorities & liberals at the highest levels of anyone on the planet, right? Keep your soft-pogrom hidden? Nixon era is over. & we’re just about done with this institutional Racist garbage. We see through it & we’re coming for all of you politically. No more Mr. Nice Lib.

  6. Let him kill us all with his fucking Twitter account, right? Give him a chance. Of course you know better than every intelligence agency we have INCLUDING Trumpland FBI. “RExxon-Mobile-son” Secretary of State, blocked from a $500 million deal with Putin by sanctions Drumpf will soon lift will be deciding how to plunder oil & divide the spoils with the Mafioso Russia with the help of his strongman puppet Drumpf, but you know everything & think there’s an obvious frame-job of poor vulnerable Drumpfypoo.

  7. By the way, the resistance will be Political & Non-violent so, readers who may be actual Neo-Nazi/Alt-Nazi criminals, don’t get any goddamn Reichstag Fire kind of ideas. But Political Revolution IS brewing like you can’t imagine. I know were supposed to sit back & be weak, but too bad. No safe space for you. Progressive Tsunami is coming. Count on it.

  8. See what Doug did there? He is saying the ‘angry black man’ is not American. Remember when he warned us about scum ‘boogers’ when the Jewish BLM Jesse guy was on? He was pretty angry about that wasn’t he? “Booger” is very close to ‘boogie’ & another ‘er’ epithet used against people of color, isn’t it? Allows a mighty dog-whistle on international radio doesn’t it? I wonder if Uncle Doug ever attends any parties with people in white robes & white hats? Beloved Uncle Doug. Smiling in his voice, like other “smiley glad-hands” defending his favorite radio host who is giving the messaging that he very much approves of. Defending Drumpf, constantly. Implying ideas adjacent to white genocide by Muslim, but not saying that. Not asserting any intention there but definitely asserting active intentional destruction of conservative family ideals. But don’t call him a conservative. He’s right down the center. Right. Because we think its raining when we’re pissed on.

  9. Is he a “Booger” Uncle Doug? Angry black man, right? He should be afraid of that stereotype & keep his “booger” mouth shut, right? Slick Doug playing calm & cool & superior, defending the ‘oppressed white man’, right? Wonder if he believes in ‘white genocide’? Wanna bet he loves the Alt-Nazis spewing that garbage? Come to think of it, Clyde you’ve dine whole shows about Muslims rising in population out-birthing whites. Hmm. Now why would you seem to be conservative to listeners?

  10. He will increase Imperialism & do it for his own gain. 7 new businesses in Saudi Arabia, Neocons & Neo-Fascist Alt-Nazi heroes like Banno Flynn & Sessions will make laws weapons, a national Religious registry & make what Flynn says is already a WWIII with the “cancer” of Islam. If you can look at his cabinet, full of lobbyists hedge fund managers, special interests, anti labor, anti environmental protection, uberestablishmemt Goldman Sachs & “RExxon-Mobile-son” self dealing insanity with the most top donors of any US President Elect installing in History & not be part of the resistance against him you don’t give a SHIT about America, minorities, or our future. He had his chance & acted by making the cabinet & administration from Hell.

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